Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Creative New Year!

Here we are again! Another new year to be creative!

I visited Michael's Art Supply store here in Fort Lauderdale between Christmas and New Year's and splurged on a "real" set of watercolor paints. Talens Transparent Watercolours! They cost way more than the Crayola water colors I'd been using, but they are so worth it! The colors are wonderful! It also came with a tube of white which I assume is to mix with the colors. I guess it's clear I have a lot to learn! What fun!

I also purchased a sketch book.

It took me a few days to figure out what to do with it. I read some of my favorite art blogs and finally decided I just had to DO IT!

So, I had this old thing from my days as a typesetter. It's a Bill Cosby quote from the 1980s (when typesetters still existed) and it's on Kodak photopaper for typesetting. I had it tacked up on the wall near my desk for the longest time. Then it was relegated to one of my many notebooks where I stumbled upon it once again.

Here's the first page ... It's just stuck to the page with rubber cement.  I'll be adding something to the page, I just don't know yet what that will be. That's the "creative" part, right? 

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