Monday, February 18, 2013

Rummaging in the garage ...

... and, found these boxes ...

They are filled with treasures, for sure, as we shall see.

Where's my camera?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Is Calvin Klein having a design crisis?

It's 9 AM and I have taken a stand with Calvin Klein.

I am sending back his euphoria perfume sample.

Have you ever smelled "euphoria?"
They describe it as 'top notes' of
pomegranate, persimmon, and lush green,
'mid notes' of lotus blossom,
champaca flower and black orchid,
and, then, 'base notes' of
liquid amber, black violet,
cream and mahogany.
That's what they say.
I just know it smells good.
It's empty, of course. Otherwise I wouldn't be sending it back.

I am returning this used sample handed out at Christmas when I was purchasing fragrances as gifts for my girls.

I'm sending it back because of the design of the bottle.  When I saw it, I could not picture it sitting on my dresser alongside Chanel No. 5 and my French lavender oil.

Sorry, Calvin, but's it's ugly. Really.

So much so, in fact, that I did not buy it. And, I wanted to. I went to Macy's at Galleria Mall for that purpose.

I like the fragrance.

I like the way I smell to me.

And, I like the way others respond to my scent.

Please? It's so difficult to find a fragrance that one likes. There are so many factors involved in choosing a personal fragrance, a signature smell. There's an emotional investment in the choice.

Can't you make a Calvin Klein design that's Calvin Klein? Something I can look at, that's beautiful?

Protesting anything is work. There are activities involved in this process, much of it "creative."

Design steps in crafting this process including selection of the note card, writing the note, photographing the note.

Wrapping the sample in bubble wrap to protect it.

And, photographing it.

After all, the little spray bottle is glass. There are a few drops left in it.

I want him to see that I used it.

I want him to realize that he is losing business with  this ugly design.

Truth is, I don't think he designed it at all. I'd really like to know how that whole thing works out. Does he "subcontract" design work out to young designers? Is that why this so doesn't look like anything Calvin Klein would ever do.

I'm sending it to the "corporate office."

Maybe the advertising folks will get it and go, "Hey, we should listen to our fans. They know good stuff when they see it!"




It's 10:10 AM.

I'm done here.