Tuesday, June 14, 2011

creativity without a computer ...

It's Tuesday. I'm working on my computer with the damaged disks and its 5 "critical" error messages, waiting for the computer guy to show up. I'm working in "safe mode with network connections." And, this is very limiting to the technical side of a person's creativity when so much of their creativity derives from using the technology. Unh!

Yesterday, when the problem began, I was able to (Thank You, God!) transfer all of my files and photos to an external drive. Whew!  (Comment: I just happened to have a 2 terabyte external drive handy. Do you realize how much 2 terabytes is? It is MASSIVE! And, for us hobbyist photographers, storage of those digital images is everything, right? The drive is about the size of a Kindle and very easy to use.) So, anyway ... while the transfer was in process, I had to keep my hands busy. I rubber cemented restaurant business cards onto a notebook page and made notes about when we were there, with who, and how the food and service was.  I painted a tag with pale pink acrylic paint and set it to dry. I cut papers from The Breathe Paper Collection and glued them to other tags. The tags are leftovers from my husband's VanHeusen polo shirt purchases. They're nice thick cardboard about the size of a business card with a hole punched, ready to be remade into something else. I'll take pictures and try to remember to upload them later, WHEN I have a computer with programs to work from!

I have no programs. No software applications! No Microsoft anything. No Acrobat. No Photoshop. No QuarkXPress. No FrontPage or Expressions. Limited web access. This is torture. I have so many things to do that require this technology, and NOT having that access causes anxiety.  Then, there's the added pressure of analysis of what happened and what the best next step is. Is it time to replace the computer and move into Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2010? 

Things change at warp speed. Adapt.
Good thing I have stuff stored on line at Picasa and Flickr!
At least I have some images available to me ...

Okay. Fine.
I've got to go wash a paint brush.
And, see where the computer guy is ...

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