Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer's done. :o(
Lots of people around here are glad that we're moving into the cooler weather season, but I'll miss all the creativity of Mother Nature. While I haven't had much time for making things, She's been busy, busy, busy! And, I've got the pictures to prove it! Un-retouched photos from early September, for your review:

 A monarch butterfly chrysallis hangs out on the window casing in front of my house, just a few feet from the milkweed plants where they began their life as caterpillars ...
I was lucky enough to be on hand when this beauty emerged ... a male Monarch butterfly. You can tell the males by the two large black dots at the bottom of their wings, close to the butterfly's body.
And, what would summer be without beautiful pink flowers? Now for autumn ...

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