Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday!

I created the little diddy using Carrie Bradshaw's quote a week or two ago and needed somewhere to put it so it wouldn't get messed up. After all, it was just some paper, ink and ribbon stuck together with some rubber cement. So, I glued it in my sketch diary and left it laying on my desk.

As the week went by, I added the moon face. It was something I'd found on the web and saved and I liked the color of the man in the moon ... he had a tinge of blue, like the ribbon. So, I cut him out and glued him down. Then, the doodling started.

I must confess I was inspired by some drawings I'd seen a couple of years ago by an artist named Pfeiffer ... her first name escapes me.  She did these charming paintings of female figures, dressed in colorful fashions engaged in fun and funny activities.  I modeled my drawing on her characters and colored her with my Crayola colored pencils.  I like her and might just try that inspiration again!

So, here is my offering to the creativity gods for this week, although it's not the only thing I did. I also created a Powerpoint slide show and sent it to my relatives for the upcoming family reunion in North Carolina that I cannot attend this year. I've taken umpteen photos of them in past years and wanted to share, so since I can't be there in person, I'll be there in spirit and with my photographs! Now, isn't that creative?

Enjoy your weekend! Make something fun!

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  1. Hey there Constance!!!!
    Wow girl...I think I love this quote as much as you do...I'm going to keep it nearby as some daily inspiration :) for your "doodle art" is soooo happy! I just love it. It totally makes me smile as it really says a lot with Carrie's quote. You know, we always wish upon a star when we want something really spectacular, right? ;)

    Thank you for finding me Constance. Thank you for the sweet comment on my post earlier this month. Sorry it took so long for me to get back with you, but I've been traveling and such...having as much fun as I can! Matter of fact, I just returned from vacationing in your beautiful state!!!! Loved it as always, except I'm really having a rough time with this oil disaster. It is really taking a toll on all of us here in Louisiana.

    I'm so happy you enjoyed, I'm even happier that you were able to put a smile on your daughter's face! Congrats on her finishing college and I wish her the best in finding a job. This economy is sort of rough right now but I'm sure something special will come her way. An education is never wasted!!!!

    Enjoy the beautiful Florida weather and I've enjoyed my visit with you. Please don't be a stranger and stop by anytime, I so enjoy hearing from you :)

    Keep's so "happy"!!!